Friday, February 1, 2008

Frak!!! +Edit

I was soooo looking forward to getting to Wool and Co. this morning, but it's snowed a ton and it's still snowing and the roads are crap. If it were just me, I'd go anyway, but I'm not about to drive Princess M. around in this.

And last night at 9pm one of our neighbors decided he needed to snowblow his frakking driveway (mind you, it was still coming down pretty good, then) and it took 45 minutes. I was trying to get the Bean to sleep and just as she finally got used to the racket and fell asleep, he stopped, which woke her up crying. THEN, after she calmed down, he started AGAIN and blew the sidewalks of our court for another 45 minutes!!! WTF!!!! I was close to going out and giving him a piece of my mind, but didn't want to A) leave the Bean alone, or B) bring her with me into the cold. Yes, I'm still livid. 6am would have been better (although still sucky), at least it's more reasonable to think lots of people are getting up for work.

Edited to add: Even if the roads were OK I still wouldn't be able to get out in time. I just spent a decent amount of time shoveling the driveway, and I only got a strip down and one back up shoveled, plus the extra build up at the bottom where they plowed (and only between the strips). I'm bushed. But I've got to at least get one side shoveled by the time D. gets back from the airport. Too bad I can't get the blower to start.


Carla said...

Lydia and Nan & Emily are all not coming Jodee and I are trying to decide- so don't feel too bad!

Jodee said...

Never got there - still home knitting alone in a warm house :)