Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long time coming

That's my laughing birthday girl.

So, I realize it's been a while since I wrote; things have actually been going on, but I got behind and then intimidated by the catching up and, well, you can see where that's gotten me... nowhere. To rectify, we'll have bullets and pictures of Margaret.

  • Margaret had her second birthday on Sunday! Can you believe my little Lima Bean is 2? I can't.
  • Margaret 2 y.o. stats: 60th percentile weight, 92nd percentile height at 35.75" Loves her bears, music, trains, cars, dinosaurs, books, Nemo, climbing, jumping and pushing things. Doesn't really care about dolls. Really, actually loves most things, just doesn't care about dolls.
  • I'm taking a jewelry/silversmithing class at Fine Line Creative Arts Center. I haven't done this for years and I am loving every minute. Pictures of projects will come.
  • I've gotten my neighbor/friend Sally sucked into knitting. She knit in the past, but now she is becoming A Knitter. Fun stuff.
  • So close to being done with my dad's birthday sweater. Working on the sleeves. Past my elbow now. Granted, his arms are longer, but not much. I WILL get this done and mailed by Christmas.
I'm just going to end this with some Margaret pictures.

What can I say, she likes her animals.

Birthday girl in a dress my mom made for her. She really liked wearing it, too.

The artist at work. She told me she was painting snakes.

She was a monkey for Halloween. An adorable monkey.

Oh, and the socks have been put on the back burner while I'm working on my dad's sweater... and another something that is a surprise. But they'll be back.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


If you can believe it (and if you've talked to me about this, you might not be able to believe it) I think I might not hate knitting socks.




I thought I'd give you a bit to let that sink in, because, well, it's a doozy, I know. I have owed a good friend of mine something knitted for quite a while. First it was going to be mittens, but then, because she has foot issues, we decided socks would be good. When I last saw her, I even had her pick yarn out of my stash from which to make said socks. And I started them. And, I did not enjoy them, because ... socks. When I finish one, I just have to make another. Phooey, I say. So, the socks went into the netherworld of my stash.

Let me just pause here to say that if any of this doesn't make much sense it's only because I've gotten two really bad nights of little sleep and I am so tired I can hardly see straight.

A few night ago, though, I decided I wanted to get the socks off my conscience and give my friend something to keep her tootsies warm. Since I was using sport weight yarn, I took out what I had made on size 1 needles and went to size 2.5 (3mm). It went so much quicker. And not only did the knitting go quicker, but it was more fun, too. I have finished the foot of one sock, put it on hold, and have started the second sock. I'm making them toe-up using one of Cat Bordhi's master constructions and it's fun! No one could be more surprised than I am that I am making socks, enjoying them, and even planning a pair for myself! I'm torn between using another Bordhi "pattern" or using the Knit One Below technique. No matter which, I'm using Little Freak Yarn! After that, who knows!

Went shopping last Thursday to get a few fall wardrobe staples, like pants that aren't highwaters. Got her these frog boots because she loves puddles. Here she is on the right testing them out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing to do with knitting

As I have mentioned on Facebook, Margaret and I are both sick, she with a minor sinus infection, me with bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Needless to say, we aren't doing much this week (don't worry, we're both on antibiotics), although I am actually working on a pair of socks. A note: if you don't want to read about potty training, stop now.

Anyway, she wanted to go outside today, so we walked around a bit (slowly) then, I had to run an errand, so we took off. At one point during the ride I got a whiff of something and asked her if she had pooed and she just laughed. So, when we got home, I changed her diaper... just pee. Anyway, after I changed it, she started saying, "Pobby, pobby, I wan' pobby." Took me a second to realize what she was asking for, but when she went to the bathroom door and said it again, I realized she wanted to go potty. I said no, I had just changed her diaper, and she flipped out. Then, I thought, "Well, that's silly, if she wants to go, why am I stopping her, it's not like we're busy," so, we went into the bathroom, took off her diaper and pants and she sat down on her potty. SHE PEED!!!!!

Ok, so that's really all, I was just really impressed that she new she needed to go, asked, and then, even held it when I stupidly said no. I guess I need to maybe try that whole potty training thing again. Did I mention I was proud? :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Margaret tells me a joke

This story requires a little set up. First, and most important, Margaret knows where hair grows and if you ask her will point to her head (or even lift up some hair) and say, "Hair," or her approximation of the word. Second:

So, the other day, Margaret and I were sitting on the couch in the evening (rather, I was sitting, she was running, jumping and climbing on it) and she came over to me, pulled up a few pieces of my hair on each side of my head and said (rather clearly), "Paghetti." I about had a coronary laughing.

On Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo. We got there for opening, but only stayed a couple hours. It was warm, Margaret started getting tired, and the stroller was a pain (can't take it into lots of the buildings and it's too low for her to see a bunch). But, I saw a couple there who had the hiking type child carriers with built in frames that looked like a much better option. So, I found a great one on Craigslist and am ready the next time we head to the zoo. The best part of picking up the carrier was that it was on the way to Nan's! So we got to hang out with the lovely Nan and head to The Fold! Tuesday was good.

Wednesday we got to hang out with the wonderful Jen and family!

In knitting news, I left my qiviut smoke ring outside in a camp chair while Margaret and I went on a walk with our neighbors. Later that day we had a torrential downpour, during which my knitting not only was soaked, but submerged. Luckily, Dave saved it (and squeezed, but did not wring the knitting -- good man) and I've been able to make progress since then.

The good part about the rain is the puddles:

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Owl That Ate Chicago!


I finally finished it yesterday morning. Love it, it's so cute! And here are a couple pictures of the Hyrna Herborgar shawl I finished back at the beginning of June.

The one on the left is out of focus, but shows the color much better. I actually wore it out last night for a Stroller Fitness party, during which I stayed out too late, forgot I put my keys in the back pocket of my purse, talked too much and had a good time. The party was the end-of-the-contest party. The contest ran most of the summer; participants got points for classes attended, healthy recipes posts on the blog, trivia in class, weight and inches lost, etc. Even without taking a month and a half off due to foot surgery, I wouldn't have won, but I am proud to say I lost weight and 3 inches from my waist! Not that I'm done with any of it - as a matter of fact, even though I'd rather sleep (if Margaret would let me), I'm off to Stroller Fitness now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is not a post about Twittering

I was going to write about how I don't Twitter, but it was stupid, so, I'll just say I don't. Except, that I read some, like Nathan Fillion's and Felicia Day's, for example, because they are good.

Anyway... as this is a knitting blog, I will make some knitting updates, because, yes, there have been some FOs recently! I know, try not to faint or anything. Thanks to Amy I had to make the Aestlight Shawl, especially when there are two sizes, one designed specifically with the yardage of Malabrigo Sock in mind. Did I write last summer about the free "sample" skein I got at Stitches Midwest (I put sample in quotes because while it wasn't in stores yet, and therefore was a sample, it was also the full 440 yards!)? Well, if I didn't, I got one just for the asking and the colorway was Solis and it is beautiful and had been waiting around for the perfect project and then that just hopped right onto my screen and bam. It is actually done. Oh, and my best friend growing up just had a baby girl (so cute!) and I made a hat for her, too. Two finished projects in a one month span! I might have my membership to the ADD club of America revoked. Except, probably not, because instead of working on some of the other projects I have started, I started a baby hat for a yet to be named recipient and a Flared Lace Smoke Ring in Royal Blue qiviut (so so yummy).

Today, we went to JoAnn's to pick up some safety eyes for the owl for Margaret and to take a bike ride to the Post Office to mail some stuff. My lovely neighbor sold us her bikes for very little, and I got an iBert seat for Margaret and now we can go riding. I had never seen a front mount seat before looking at options for child bike seats on Consumer Reports, but I love it. The balance is great and she can see what's going on and I can talk to her and hear her without turning around and crashing us both into a tree. In fact, on the ride home, she actually fell asleep.

When putting sunblock on Margaret today I accidentally sprayed some in her hair; that stuff is worse than hairspray. So, it's off to a bath. With foam letters and numbers, bath crayons, bubbles to blow, ducks, a book, and fill and spill cups she's loving her baths now!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Um.... yeah.

I realize it has been quite a while since I've written anything here. The only time I can really think about what I want to say is when I'm trying to go to sleep at night, and well, the computer isn't near my bed ... therefore, no posting. So, this post is going to be a bullet post of stuff that's been going on, in no particular order.
  • My parents came to visit in June.
  • I had surgery on my right foot to remove a neuroma (that had been there for 15 years) while my parents were here. It made life so much easier to have their help with Margaret while I was immobilized!
  • A couple months ago I was putting sunscreen on Margaret, when she pointed to the D in the word KIDS on the tube and said, "D!"
  • Margaret recognizes D, I, M, O, E, P and sometimes T.
  • She also knows the numbers 1, 8, and sometimes 2, 4 and 5. Crazy!
  • My dad's sweater is stalled on the sleeves. When he came to visit, I had done some, and they were too narrow, so I frogged to the cuff (not too far) and started again from there. When I see him in a couple weeks I'll check my progress and continue.
  • My sister is getting married in less than 2 weeks and we're going to California for the wedding!
  • I knit most of the Short Jacket from Feminine Knits with some lovely brown wool my sister got me on the Aran Islands a few years ago. However, there is not enough for the collar, and I'm not sure there is enough of the dark green she got me, either, so it is on hold.
  • I got a cute Owl kit at Stitches last year and am finally working on it again after putting it down quite some time ago.
  • I started the Frost Flowers Jacket from Feminine Knits. I'm using Rowan's RYC Silk Wool DK and am in love. The pattern is the main reason I got the book, it is beautiful!
  • Margaret started the Children's Day Out Program at Knox Presbyterian this June. She has a fun time and likes to hug her friends.
  • We went to the Phillips Park Zoo today.
  • I want to shear the llama they have at the zoo. Do you think they get a lot of questions about how one could go about obtaining the hair?
  • We got a fence around our backyard July 1st! I love it, I can actually sit on the back deck and knit a bit while Margaret runs around and I don't have to worry that she'll run into the street.
  • We got Margaret a Grover doll that she is in love with. She walks around with "Gro-go" and talks to him. She also talks about him as we come downstairs first thing in the morning. She also likes The Count.
  • Dave and I got to go to a Cubs game with friends July 2nd. The friends live in So. Cal. and we hadn't seen them since they got married two years ago, so it was great to see them. The Cubs won that game with 4 HRs (including a grand slam by Derek Lee) so it was a really fun game to watch. And it was my first time at Wrigley. FUN!
Ok, so I think that was more than enough for now. I'd better go keep Margaret from climbing onto the kitchen table.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is all this?

What the heck am I doing with bamboo poles, newsprint, a yardstick and a print out to make a cone? Yup, I'm making Margaret a teepee. I looked online, but didn't see any patterns that were what I was looking for, so I'm making it up.

Here you can see the strips I'm cutting of rip-stop nylon. Those will be seamed lengthwise to make tubes to hold the bamboo poles. I've also make a pattern for the six sections of teepee. I've had this stuff for a few weeks, but this is the first time I've got up the nerve to cut the fabric. I tend to be a "cut first, figure it out as you go, sew on extra pieces if it's too small" kind of seamstress, but this time I'm planning ahead, and that makes me hesitant.

In knitting news, the sleeves for the sweater have been started, no pictures, it's boring, so far. But I now have photographic proof that the front and back are done, however, they are not blocked. In the close-up, you can see the braid cable on the right of the honeycomb is not quite as snug as the one on the left. The one on the right is the one I ripped back and worked back up. I am hoping with a little blocking you won't be able to tell. Now that I am looking at this picture, I can actually see how far I had to rip. It's the far right braid on the back. Knitters, I'll bet you can tell.

And now I've told you everything I can think of about any crafting I'm doing. I'll leave you with some Margaret chasing birds.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


You can breathe now, the cable has been repaired. Needs a bit of blocking, but the back of the sweater has been fixed and bound off! Pictures to come.

In the meantime, have some Margaret fun.
Here she is trying to push one of the neighbor boys in her swing. He'd rather have his mom do it, though. No surprise, since Margaret isn't pushing him very high.

Here she is at the park before Stroller Fitness wearing an adorable dress my mom made for her; she's trying to figure out how to climb the "rock wall".

Jen was puppy-sitting this weekend, so we went to visit. Margaret loves dogs, cats, Jen and her daughters, so she was in hog heaven.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Do you see it? To the right of the middle of the picture? "Maybe it's just a shadow," you think. A bit of fuzz?There it is. A miss-crossed cable. Way way way down. When did I notice it? Well, the only good thing was that it was before I bound off. RIGHT before I bound off. As in, I was counting some rows to make sure that I really was at the bind off row, and that's when I noticed.

So, what to do? I'm not about to leave it, so...

I am currently working the cable back up. Updates later. But in the meantime, I will leave you with a happy Margaret after playing with washable markers.

Yes, I put her full name. Why after all this time? Well, because I like her name and it's who she is and it's other places, so why not here?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There are reasons

There are reasons I have posted much lately. This is ostensibly a knitting blog, yet there has been very little of that going on. Plus, M. had her first ear infection and I got sick and anyway, there you have it. She recovered quickly, I think I am getting sick again.

So, knitting. I've made some progress on my dad's sweater, and I will actually be going to knitting at Wool and Company this Friday because D.'s mom is going to come watch M. There might be visible progress for me to show you.

In M. news, she has cut some of her sixth tooth, and it's a molar. She going completely out of order, but she likes to do things her way. She also walked up a step for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was shallow, so that made it easier. She likes to walk around like Godzilla; I think she's practicing for steps on flat ground. First haircut was Sunday. Looks a bit less like a ragamuffin. She sat pretty still for it. My mom asked if I had cut it. Hahhahahaha. No.

She likes her hard hat.

Pre-haircut, notice the wisps at the ears.

Post-haircut. Shorter wisps.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Strange child

Today, M. actually took two naps. She was tired enough after our trip to Trader Joe's to go down again, she just wasn't quite aware how tired she was, I think. She sat in her crib for a while sucking her thumb and cuddling her bear, and when she fell asleep, she just leaned forward. It didn't look comfy at all, but I don't disturb sleeping babies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

If she looks serious, it's because she's wishing her daddy a seriously happy birthday :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ok, maybe not every day

If I wrote a new post everyday, you'd stop reading because it would get really dull. You don't want to hear the minute details of stroller fitness from yesterday and today or a word-for-word account of our playgroup. Suffice it to say we had fun at everything (except remembering to wear a sports bra today would have been good).
In this picture you can see all 5 of her teeth.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Car stuff sucks

Suffice it to say, ugh. But, at least we're at home again instead of waiting for a few hours at the dealership. Although, in the shuttle back to our house, M. fell asleep, so it'll be a while before she takes a nap.

There is my promised picture of my dad's sweater progress. It's coming along nicely, but I'll be glad to have it done.
M. loves to not only look at picture books, but flip through my books while talking. It's pretty hilarious. She's doing a lot of talking, most of it we can't understand, but occasionally she'll say a word or two that we understand. However, she doesn't repeat them too often. The other day she was nursing and I thought she was done, so I put her down and she started crying. I told her, "If you aren't done, just say, 'not done.'" So she kind of yelled/cried, "Not do-o-o-o-o-ne." It was pretty funny.Oh, and if anyone is interested, I'm doing a small destash (mostly cotton). It's nice stuff, but cotton and I have issues.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Fun

Although I'm not really Catholic, for Lent this year I will be giving up a bit of nap time each day to bring you a new post. It won't be long, just whatever fits in 15 minutes. That way D. can get his daily M. update while he's at work.

I know it's been quite a while since I've written, so let me give you a quick update:
  1. M. had surgery on February 12 to clear her blocked tear duct. It went really well and there have been no problems at all since then.
  2. I started stroller fitness the week before that. I thought it would be mall speed walking. Um, no. It's a real workout, which I need. Nice people, too.
  3. My parents and my sister came to visit last week. We didn't do too much exciting, just hung around playing with M. and organizing the house. It was wonderful to have them all here.
  4. There is visible progress on my dad's sweater, I'll post a picture tomorrow.
  5. I fixed a couple holes in a 2x2 ribbed hat for my mom. I've never mended my knitting before, so I was rather proud. If the yarn wasn't a slightly brighter red you never would have known there had been an issue. I also fixed a hole in the garter edging of a shawl of mine.
I'll end with a couple pictures of M. enjoying her (and my) books:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those are the mittens I knit dyeing in Kool-Aid.

Um, and if you tilt your head you can see M. wearing the finished product. Did I show you this already? No matter.

And that is the cowl I made for her to wear with her pink hat. The mitts are Eco-wool on small needles, the cowl is Malabrigo worsted.

The pink felt is the lining to one of the hats. Love that picture.

And here is is wearing the tall Seussian pink hat.

My Knuck.

The orange hat after being lined. Love this picture, too.

Here she is giving kisses from near the Christmas tree. She gives air kisses all the time. She also loves Eskimo kisses; she thinks they are pretty funny.

Here is Mirabelle, I finally finished her to put her under the tree for M. for Christmas. And M. seems to like her, although Mirabelle is a little bit for her to carry her around really easily.

Apparently we are raising a small Mussolini, hopefully without the raging Fascist tendencies. She likes to orate, throwing hands and fists in the air to punctuate the yells. Or, if in her high chair, she'll pound the tray for emphasis.

M. figured out her sippy cup the day after Christmas. She had been working on it a bit, but really got it then and as you can see, she was pretty happy with herself.

Also during the break, M. started giving me toys to hold (D. also, but only one of us at a time). She contemplates which toys to have us hold, will rearrange them on us, step back, take one or all away, put others back or start over. It's like you're an installation piece. Hilarious to watch.