Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day!

I know it is also The Feast of St. Brigid and is celebrated by bloggers with an annual Silent Poetry reading (I won't point out any specific one, but many of the blogs in my sidebar have poems up). I, however, am not doing the poetry thing... not because I think it is bad, in fact, I think it is a lovely idea... I just don't have the mental energy to go find a poem I like. Instead I will play the movie Groundhog Day in my head... we don't have it on DVD which I think is a great and mournful shame; I love Bill Murray.

Since I didn't go to knitting yesterday, I also didn't sew up the February Sweater. But, I did start a Pi Shawl with a bulky yarn that I spun on my wheel last year. I'm knitting it on size 13 needles; I started with size 10.5 but there wasn't enough drape. It's not going to be very lacy, I'm just doing the concentric circles of yarn overs, it will be a nice warm cozy shawl/lap blanket. I'll take a picture at some point. It is a perfect knit for me right now, easy to pick up and put down, not a lot of time is wasted figuring out where the heck I am.

And, as a celebration of Groundhog Day, I give you a sleeping Bean -- it means winter will be over soon, right?

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Dee said...

Today is also the birthday of Ty.