Sunday, January 27, 2008

A chance to do a little good

I love this picture. It looks like she just got done telling a joke, eh? And if you can't see it, her onesie has a goose and two ducks and they are labeled... duck, duck, goose!

She could also be saying, "Good on ya," for going to this site:

I found it through Rabbitch's blog and if you like yarn, you can give your name and get entered to win a prize. If you don't like yarn, you probably know someone who does and can still enter your name. And even if you don't know anyone who likes yarn (you probably do but don't know it), give anyway, even a dollar helps.

So, in my last post I began showing some of the beautiful things that have been knitted for my darling Bean. Yesterday, we were honored by a visit from Jodee (blogless, which is too bad for the rest of us because it would no doubt be a fun blog to read) and she brought these adorable booties. They are shaped like a duck's foot and knit from the softest prettiest yarn. I think there must be some angora in it, the fuzziness is not just my inability to get the Bean to be still for photos. In any case, they are pretty and warm.

And this beauty is Haiku and knit by the dear Nan. It is still a little big for M., but the way she's growing, it won't be for long. So, what do you think, is she about to land a knock-out punch (don't laugh, she's got a wicked right cross) or is she dancing the night away? She probably told me, I just can't understand her, yet.

In knitting that I've done for her, the knitting on the February Sweater is done! Yay! Really, a great knit, I highly recommend it. I now just have to block it, weave in the ends and seam the arms and get buttons for it. And I will get buttons tomorrow at Wool and Co., because unless the snow that we're supposed to get reaches to the top of the door, I'm bundling her up and we're going to Friday knitting because I've missed 2 Fridays in a row and goodness, that's just too many. And while she looks adorable in this coat (not that I'm biased or anything), it's not quite hardcore enough for this weather... don't worry, you will see neither hide nor hair of her while outside.


LhammerL said...

all adorable pictures! Please tell me why in all these pictures the sun is shining and it basically looks like spring, while at my house, its freaking cold and gray!

Sharon said...

Great pictures - she's very cute!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture too. She is the most adorable little girl ever!