Tuesday, September 1, 2009


If you can believe it (and if you've talked to me about this, you might not be able to believe it) I think I might not hate knitting socks.




I thought I'd give you a bit to let that sink in, because, well, it's a doozy, I know. I have owed a good friend of mine something knitted for quite a while. First it was going to be mittens, but then, because she has foot issues, we decided socks would be good. When I last saw her, I even had her pick yarn out of my stash from which to make said socks. And I started them. And, I did not enjoy them, because ... socks. When I finish one, I just have to make another. Phooey, I say. So, the socks went into the netherworld of my stash.

Let me just pause here to say that if any of this doesn't make much sense it's only because I've gotten two really bad nights of little sleep and I am so tired I can hardly see straight.

A few night ago, though, I decided I wanted to get the socks off my conscience and give my friend something to keep her tootsies warm. Since I was using sport weight yarn, I took out what I had made on size 1 needles and went to size 2.5 (3mm). It went so much quicker. And not only did the knitting go quicker, but it was more fun, too. I have finished the foot of one sock, put it on hold, and have started the second sock. I'm making them toe-up using one of Cat Bordhi's master constructions and it's fun! No one could be more surprised than I am that I am making socks, enjoying them, and even planning a pair for myself! I'm torn between using another Bordhi "pattern" or using the Knit One Below technique. No matter which, I'm using Little Freak Yarn! After that, who knows!

Went shopping last Thursday to get a few fall wardrobe staples, like pants that aren't highwaters. Got her these frog boots because she loves puddles. Here she is on the right testing them out.