Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long time coming

That's my laughing birthday girl.

So, I realize it's been a while since I wrote; things have actually been going on, but I got behind and then intimidated by the catching up and, well, you can see where that's gotten me... nowhere. To rectify, we'll have bullets and pictures of Margaret.

  • Margaret had her second birthday on Sunday! Can you believe my little Lima Bean is 2? I can't.
  • Margaret 2 y.o. stats: 60th percentile weight, 92nd percentile height at 35.75" Loves her bears, music, trains, cars, dinosaurs, books, Nemo, climbing, jumping and pushing things. Doesn't really care about dolls. Really, actually loves most things, just doesn't care about dolls.
  • I'm taking a jewelry/silversmithing class at Fine Line Creative Arts Center. I haven't done this for years and I am loving every minute. Pictures of projects will come.
  • I've gotten my neighbor/friend Sally sucked into knitting. She knit in the past, but now she is becoming A Knitter. Fun stuff.
  • So close to being done with my dad's birthday sweater. Working on the sleeves. Past my elbow now. Granted, his arms are longer, but not much. I WILL get this done and mailed by Christmas.
I'm just going to end this with some Margaret pictures.

What can I say, she likes her animals.

Birthday girl in a dress my mom made for her. She really liked wearing it, too.

The artist at work. She told me she was painting snakes.

She was a monkey for Halloween. An adorable monkey.

Oh, and the socks have been put on the back burner while I'm working on my dad's sweater... and another something that is a surprise. But they'll be back.


Sharon said...

Can't wait to see what you've been making at silversmithing! I've only got 3 classes left before Christmas :-(

YogaNan knits, too... said...

Okay, when I get back from visiting Maja for T-giving, we NEED to get together @ Jen's! Too much to talk about, look at, et al....