Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Fun

Although I'm not really Catholic, for Lent this year I will be giving up a bit of nap time each day to bring you a new post. It won't be long, just whatever fits in 15 minutes. That way D. can get his daily M. update while he's at work.

I know it's been quite a while since I've written, so let me give you a quick update:
  1. M. had surgery on February 12 to clear her blocked tear duct. It went really well and there have been no problems at all since then.
  2. I started stroller fitness the week before that. I thought it would be mall speed walking. Um, no. It's a real workout, which I need. Nice people, too.
  3. My parents and my sister came to visit last week. We didn't do too much exciting, just hung around playing with M. and organizing the house. It was wonderful to have them all here.
  4. There is visible progress on my dad's sweater, I'll post a picture tomorrow.
  5. I fixed a couple holes in a 2x2 ribbed hat for my mom. I've never mended my knitting before, so I was rather proud. If the yarn wasn't a slightly brighter red you never would have known there had been an issue. I also fixed a hole in the garter edging of a shawl of mine.
I'll end with a couple pictures of M. enjoying her (and my) books:

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sue said...

It is so nice to see you back blogging again. I love that she loves books, my kids were and are still the same. Books are the pathway to wonderful imagination too.