Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There are reasons

There are reasons I have posted much lately. This is ostensibly a knitting blog, yet there has been very little of that going on. Plus, M. had her first ear infection and I got sick and anyway, there you have it. She recovered quickly, I think I am getting sick again.

So, knitting. I've made some progress on my dad's sweater, and I will actually be going to knitting at Wool and Company this Friday because D.'s mom is going to come watch M. There might be visible progress for me to show you.

In M. news, she has cut some of her sixth tooth, and it's a molar. She going completely out of order, but she likes to do things her way. She also walked up a step for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was shallow, so that made it easier. She likes to walk around like Godzilla; I think she's practicing for steps on flat ground. First haircut was Sunday. Looks a bit less like a ragamuffin. She sat pretty still for it. My mom asked if I had cut it. Hahhahahaha. No.

She likes her hard hat.

Pre-haircut, notice the wisps at the ears.

Post-haircut. Shorter wisps.


sue said...

Oh her first haircut already. Did you keep the hair they cut. My daughter never had a haircut until she turned 3 as her hair took so long to grow. Once she had regular trims it grew a lot faster. I hope you feel better soon too, and ear infections are no fun at all. I had 5 last year and just couldnt shake them. The nausea from that was awful.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the teeth - I was the same. My mum said I read the baby book, dismissed it, and decided to do my own thing!

djenn said...

Re the post haircut photo: Ignore the hair. Girl wants the Camera, clearly. Get that child some technology, stat.