Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those are the mittens I knit dyeing in Kool-Aid.

Um, and if you tilt your head you can see M. wearing the finished product. Did I show you this already? No matter.

And that is the cowl I made for her to wear with her pink hat. The mitts are Eco-wool on small needles, the cowl is Malabrigo worsted.

The pink felt is the lining to one of the hats. Love that picture.

And here is is wearing the tall Seussian pink hat.

My Knuck.

The orange hat after being lined. Love this picture, too.

Here she is giving kisses from near the Christmas tree. She gives air kisses all the time. She also loves Eskimo kisses; she thinks they are pretty funny.

Here is Mirabelle, I finally finished her to put her under the tree for M. for Christmas. And M. seems to like her, although Mirabelle is a little bit for her to carry her around really easily.

Apparently we are raising a small Mussolini, hopefully without the raging Fascist tendencies. She likes to orate, throwing hands and fists in the air to punctuate the yells. Or, if in her high chair, she'll pound the tray for emphasis.

M. figured out her sippy cup the day after Christmas. She had been working on it a bit, but really got it then and as you can see, she was pretty happy with herself.

Also during the break, M. started giving me toys to hold (D. also, but only one of us at a time). She contemplates which toys to have us hold, will rearrange them on us, step back, take one or all away, put others back or start over. It's like you're an installation piece. Hilarious to watch.


sue said...

The hats are so cute. She really is starting to grow up isnt she.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! Monica and I have got to come and see you and the "baby". polly

Dee said...

I am still a bit frightened of the whole Kool-Aid thing. Great job! Oh and Happy New Year!

grannyg said...

Hi oldbean!
Lovely photos, cute hats and a splendind baby! Eskimo kisses are the best, but my favourite when I was little, and for my kids when they were little, is butterfly kisses... fluttery eyelashes on their chubby little cheeks!
catch ya round, rav friend!

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

she is a gorgeous bebeh!
your knitting is pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

The kool-aid mittens turned out really great! How many packets did you use to get such an intense color? Adorable bebeh shots... :)