Thursday, March 13, 2008

Schedule? We don't need no stinking schedule

Progress on the knitting front! Obviously some ends need to be woven in, but other than that, the first Evangeline is done! The second one has even been started. It's the kind of pattern that keeps me going... just one more round, just one more round, so the second should go pretty quickly, as well.

We had a couple of college friends (who are married -- I introduced them! go me!) stay over this weekend and we all had lots of fun, including M. who was quite entertained. Anyway, I've got to hurry up and finish the Evangeline because I promised S. that I would make her a pair of socks. I know I don't like to make socks that much, but she has circulation issues in her feet, and really, what's better than a nice pair of handmade socks? I had promised her mittens years ago, but I think socks will be better. I've even swatched some Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport for the pair. Seriously, two swatches recently? What could be coming to this world of mine?

In M. news, she's getting better and better with her tummy time, lasting longer and longer without getting cranky. And now that we have a good routine down -- nursing about every three hours, last one at 8:30pm and then once in the night -- we hit the 4 month craziness. Last night she nursed twice and then wanted to nurse first thing in the morning, which is also not what's been up. According to the reading I've done, around 4 months there is a bundle of development happening all at once and it takes your nice schedules and throws them in the air, just like 52-card pickup. She is, however, the same cute, sweet girl, so I can't really complain too much.

I ordered a stroller the other week, I'm still waiting for it to ship. I'm not fond of strollers in stores, but I got a jogging one for taking walks around the neighborhood. I'm really hoping it ships soon because it's been absolutely beautiful the past three days! I'm sure once the stroller comes we'll have a blizzard or five. Although, I'm not waiting for the stroller, today it's so nice I'm going to strap her on me and get out there.


LhammerL said...

Did I read that M had only been waking once a night? Until her growth spurt? I am jealous. I pray for that day, LittleBug started waking only 2-3 times a night which was wonderful, but last night he was up 7 times. Just like old times.

Dee said...

Awwww that M, she's such a cutie.

Those mitts are awesome and the yarn well that is really a very pretty color of purple.