Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quizzes and Washcloths?

I saw this on Dr. Mel's site and of course, had to take the quiz. I could take more if I were willing to go all out against them, but, call me a sucker, I will only fight as hard as I have to to win.

Now, if there were a zombie apocalypse... some quizzes give me a fifty percent survival rate, but some give me higher. I've watched enough "documentaries" to know that it's a double-tap to the head and if your friend gets bit, they've got to go, sorry.

So, by now you are saying, "Laurel, what's going on? Where is the Bean picture? What did you mean by washcloth? Should I start worrying about the end of the world with zombies and roaming packs of rabid 5 year olds? " Don't fret. The picture to your left explains about the washcloths, at least. Except, that it is not a washcloth... it's a gauge swatch! "What!?!" you exclaim, "A gauge swatch? But you don't knit those! That's weirder than you knitting a washcloth!" It's okay, you can calm down. Since I am knitting my dad a sweater for his birthday this year, I thought it would behoove me to make sure it actually fits, and therefore, I am pulling out all the stops: not only knitting a gauge swatch, but I will even be measuring it before and after washing and blocking it. Try not to faint. And I would just like to express my love of Cascade 220. It is such a workhorse yarn and felt nice and soft while I was knitting it. So versatile, I love it.

And lest you think I forgot... the Bean. She's really paying attention to everything around her, and starting to use her hands more to examine it all. She was really interested in this penguin today. It's an Eric Carle penguin that was a gift from her grandmother for Christmas, the wings make crinkly noises, the feet are perfect to chew on, and the fish in the mouth wiggles back up when you pull on it, and there is a bell inside... it's pretty awesome. Anyway, today, M. started batting it around on purpose and noticing that it made noise when she did. And she's got the cutest little mouth :)

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Emily said...

Oh, we had a bee with crinkly noise wings! Loved that. It was nice to see both of you today!