Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An F.O. Ripped from the Pile of Hibernating Projects

Up first we have M. "pumping up". Or, rather, just practicing grabbing things that aren't my hair. This is something I can very much get behind.
Then we have the Bean looking adorable in a turtleneck hanging out in her doorway jumper. She really gets a kick out of this thing, and she gets a work out keeping her torso upright. She's even better at it today than she was yesterday. She's not jumping yet, but she does pivot and turn (when I even think the word pivot, I think of the Friends episode).

And in knitting, last night I finally finished this hat on the left. It's the Cable Braid hat from Folk Hats, just done in multiple colors. I had it mostly done for a long time, but was afraid I'd somehow screw it up when sewing it together, so I let it sit forever. Finally, last night I finished it. It may not be the perfect sewing job (there is a reason I'm not showing you the inside), but it works and I'm glad it's done. It's a warm and comfy hat to wear, and I don't care that I look more than a bit silly wearing it. Next in my pile of almost F.O.s is a bag that needs its handles sewn on. After that, I think most of the hibernating projects require quite a bit of actual knitting, so those will have to wait until I finish Ragna or Na Craga (for which I still have to swatch).

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