Thursday, May 15, 2008

FOs for M

M happily posed in the storage footstool with her new hat. I think she looks like a little pixie, or flower fairy. The hat is the Emli Bonnet by Alison Hansel. It's a great little pattern. I used Sirdar Calypso, 100% cotton, so it will be nice for the summer. I used one ball and just the littlest bit of a second (had to add the second ball during the picot bind-off). As you can see, she is sucking in that bottom lip, still working on her first tooth.

Had a very nice Mother's Day weekend. I hope all the mothers out there did, too. Spun a little, knit a little and crocheted a bit. I finished up the Baby Snow Dragon on Monday. The only modification I made was to add two more spikes because I sewed the tail a little lower down on the body, which made only three spikes look a little weak. Fun toy for M. I've started Baby's First DNA for her, too. I've found so many toys I want to make for her. She'll be drowning in wool toys.

Today M is 6 months old!?! In some ways I can't believe she is already that old, and in most other ways, I can't believe she hasn't always been here. She is sitting up so well and started rolling from her stomach onto her back.

We had a nice outing with her Grandma W today, the purpose of which was toys. We got some, and a couple other goodies, as well. M fell asleep right before we got ready to go home and didn't even wake up while I buckled her into her seat. Tomorrow we go back to Wool and Co. for Friday knitting. We were there while I nursed M today, and I scouted a new sweater for her. Something else from the Sirdar booklet.


sue said...

Ooh she reminds me of those gorgeous babies in the Anne Geddes calendars. Love the little hat, so cute. I really like the dragon too, and nothing is wrong with having lots of woollen toys, enviromentally friendly.

Taylor said...

oh my gosh that dragon is so cute! It seriously makes me wish I could knit so that Mad could actually have a handmade toy. sigh.