Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In which I am a bigger dork than usual

That's Miss M hanging with Donald the Dragon. It's a slightly older picture, the swing is no longer there because the last time she was in it, she grabbed the front left upright while swinging. Um, no.

Anyway, the real point of this is that I stood in line outside Best Buy today and got a piece of paper that said I was number 10 and I went in and got my Wii Fit. Um, yes, I am a dork. It is quite fun to track things and I am looking forward to seeing improvement.

Crocheting with black fingering weight yarn at night is not easy. Especially when you crochet as tightly as I do. To make the ninja's body (pictures when there is a point), you chain 18 and then have to join in a circle and let me tell you, joining 18 small chains in a non-twisty circle and then working into them... not easy. I ended up putting a stitch marker through the back loop of each of the 18 chains and taking them out one by one as I worked into that chain. I was glad I wasn't in public.


LhammerL said...

ok so random, but do you by any chance watch Degrassi?

oh and i am jealous of your wii fit! but we did just get rockband which is ever so fun!

Anne-Marie said...

Ah, but had you been in public it might have been daylight and therefore easier.

Let us know how the Wiifit goes. I want one but will probably have to wait until next Christmas before I can justify it.

I hope you are crocheting the ninja I am thinking of

LhammerL said...

ok, i just wondered cuz your zombie button is from the degrassi show on the N. and my husband and I are lamely obsessed with the show.

Lauren said...

M is so cute! Babies are so kissable.