Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year!

Since this is my first post on this blog, let me introduce myself. I am Laurel, formerly of Laurel's Pirate Knitting. The last you might have heard from me, D. and I were about to buy our first house and I was a couple months away from giving birth to The Bean. We have now been in our house for a few months, and The Bean turned out to be a beautiful baby girl who is now almost 7 weeks old. Sorry, no pictures of her will be posted on this blog. However, if you would like to see one and I "know" you, leave a comment and I will email you one :).

So, 2007 had some really crappy parts, but it finished up quite nicely (to say the least) and 2008 looks to be even better.

As far as knitting goes, I am getting a little done, but not too much right now... Bean likes to be held a lot, and I have yet to figure out how to knit while holding her or nursing. So, I knit if she'll sit in her bouncy chair or D. is holding her. D. however, has to go back to work tomorrow, so that time will decrease by a lot.

I did, however, start and finish a pair of felted clogs in December. They are for my mom, and I'm letting her do the felting. I also started a pair for my dad.

On Ravelry, I am Oldbean, and have been sucked in and am finding way to many things I want to knit, and I want to knit all of them RIGHT NOW. But, before I start a ton of new things, my goal is to finish a lot of what I have on the needles. My knitting time being so precious these days, if anything is ever to get done, I need to be faithful to projects I start. This will not be easy, but I am nothing if not stubborn.

I promise pictures in my next post.


Jodee said...

Welcome to your new blog! Good to see you back. Can you just post a photo of toes or fingers? Carla would like that and Lesley,Lydia,Nan and myself.
Happy New Year to you ours was uneventful,sick hubbo =stay home:(

Laurel said...

I took some finger and toe photos today, just for you guys... My dad also took an ear picture while he was here :)

Dee said...

Thank you for blogging again :)

Although I understand....I sort of disagree on the no photos of Princess M...can't you at least do a Michael Jackson "blanket" thing for us?

Anonymous said...

Although I understand...I still want my Princess M fix...so can't you oblige with a Michael Jackson "blanket" shot?

djenn said...

Hey Bean! Nice to see you back in the mix.

Let me know when you're coming to Friday morning knitting, and I'll bring you your movie and some nursing-friendly shirts.

Hooray for blogging!

Sharon said...

Hey good to see you're back in blogland! Congratulations on your new arrival too.

christine said...

Do you remember me? I have a present for the little Bean, but want to give it to her (and you) in person.

I love her name, BTW - it's perfection - so are her hands and toes. Will you email me a picture? Pretty please?

I've been on a very long trial, so have not been blogging or doing much of anything..........

Glad you started a new blog!!!!!