Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweatered baby

This is Miss M. in a cuddly warm sweater made for her by Monica. I love the hood on it, too cute. And it is so soft. It's a perfect sweater to wear when it is so cold. We keep the heat up in the house, but near the windows it gets colder... manufacturer grade windows don't really cut it. Some day we'll upgrade, but until then, we just keep her bundled. See, warm enough and cozy enough to fall asleep.

She's growing so quickly, I tried to put a three month size footie outfit on her and it was too small! She'll be three months on February 15. It's so fun to watch her grow, though. She's really transitioning from "newborn" to "baby". I have some other really beautiful knitted presents from friends that I will share when she grows into them, which could be tomorrow!

I've finished the sleeves on the Feb. Sweater and started down the body. It's looking good. I should finish it soon. After I'm done I think I'll work more on my laceweight Malabrigo shawl. And oh, here is a picture of the unfelted felted clogs for my dad:
If you are on Ravelry, you've seen them. I didn't put them up here before because the green inner sole was a surprize. My dad wanted grey or black slipper because he has grey sweats he wears around the house, but holy crap, that was boring, I thought... so, bright green sole, but only on the inside. I changed to black for the last couple rows of the inner sole and stitched the soles together in black so that no green would show on the outside. I'm interested in seeing how the black shows up inside when they're felted. My parents got their slippers this week and are planning on felting them today.

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!

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LhammerL said...

Wow she is getting big! She is most adorable though!