Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Harlot made it to Chicago!

ETA: Support this worthy cause: a fellow knitter, Raveler, and all around awesome woman is walking the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day. Please help if you can!

Yes, that would be the Bean (thanks to Nan for the picture since I'm a bad blogger and forgot my camera). She's wearing a little onesie I made for her that says "Knit Happens" And shoes that are too big for her feet, but fit around the ankles. You can see her second outfit of the day on Stephanie's blog (scroll down). I had a wonderful time, drove down with Jen and her wonderful daughter, C. We met the irrepressible Nan at Nana's to hang out. Tricia and her daughter Corey run such a welcoming store. And who was there early (besides Stephanie) but Franklin, who is such a sweet guy... M was fascinated by him. I convinced him (wasn't to hard) to get the Sirdar pattern book that I used to make the short-sleeved wrap front sweater (Ravelry link) for M. Since each pattern is sized up to seven years I told him it would be perfect for cute patterns for his darling niece, Abigail. I also got to meet some really cool Ravelers, so, it must be said, Nana's puts on a hell of a party.

M is now officially crawling. She's getting quicker by the second, but also uses scooting and rolling to get her where she needs to go.

You can see she has one leg up in this picture. She very often seems as though she would rather be walking than crawling. D was an early walker and so was his brother. I'm hoping M settles into the crawling and decides its enough for quite a while. She can get into enough trouble that way. Our family room has become a "safe zone" with a gate from wall to wall blocking off the computer and TV. Of course, all this means is that instead of redirecting her away from the various electronics, we are redirecting her away from the gate. We'll see how long it takes before she's able to pull it down.

If you are thinking there isn't much knitting going on, you are right. I am working on a chemo cap for a relative of a friend, and have other things (which you've seen) going, but need to redouble my efforts.

So, to distract you some more...

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sue said...

Oh she is such a cutie pie. I love the little short sleeved bolero. Arent those patterns wonderful. I have just finished the cardigan on the front of that beautiful book. Next up I am knitting the bolero with the stripey border. I remember when I used to block our hallway with a gate so Isabelle wouldnt get to the rooms with things in them she shouldnt touch. Didnt last long though, I just decided to childproof the cupboards and rooms so I wouldnt freak out if the gate did come down. She did learn after a little while what she wasnt allowed to touch. It looks nice and sunny where you are too, makes me wish it was spring here, not summer though which is always too hot for me.