Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A day at the park

Once again, we went to the Riverwalk Park in Naperville for a show. Today it was Little Nashville, a country-style group. We had a nice time with one of the other meet-up moms we know, and it was fun seeing the older kids really get into the show. It was a lovely day, sunny and breezy and 75 degrees.

Sunday M turned 7 months old, and while visiting my in-laws for Father's Day, she crawled her first two steps! She hasn't crawled since then, but she does get up on her hands and knees a lot. Saturday we had her first swim lessons (really more water acclimation at this point) and she really enjoyed being in the water. Was so comfortable floating on her back (with my arms supporting her head and upper back) that she pulled her feet up and chewed on her toes. She is a silly kid. She has also really started sticking her tongue out while making noises. Pretty funny stuff to see. As I type this, she is on her side/back, holding one foot in each hand, sticking her tongue out, grunting and smiling.

This weekend we are putting up a gate across the front of the family room to keep her from all the computer cords and the audio/visual goodies. She may not be crawling, but she can still move around a room!

The Cute Ninja hasn't made any progress recently... it is still stuck in finger puppet mode. I just need to stuff the body and sew the feet in, but I have been trying to make more progress on my dad's sweater. I have finished one skein of Cascade 220. Love that stuff. Anyway, I love the way the sweater looks, I just hope it fits. I am now going to start the back other side (front or back, whichever this one isn't) and work up so that when we go visit I can see if it fits. If it doesn't, I make the next size up, if it does fit, I continue as is and just make the modifications planned. The mods are so that it isn't so baggy, and has a v-neck.

My other plan for the weekend is to really get busy getting my basement organized... I want it M-proof so we can spend some time down there when it gets hot and stays hot this summer.


sue said...

Your dad's sweater is looking great. I think the ninja finger puppet is so cute too. Congrats on the crawling, after that there is no stopping them.

YogaNan knits, too... said...

Oh, I've missed a lot these past weeks! Crawling! Whoa, baby, batten down the hatches...
Nan xoxo

LhammerL said...

How fun! She is growing up so fast! Isn't it amazing? How is the wii fit going?

Annie said...

Just clickin' around on Ravelry and found your blog. That baby is so darned cute! Love the aran sweater.. nice work.