Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Post?

I know, I haven't written in a while... I think the dashboard said November 2009. Quite honestly, the only times I really think of things to write are when I'm really tired, and it either seems like a lot of work to put together a post with pictures and crap, or I'm already in bed -- and I'm certainly not hauling my ass out of bed and downstairs to write a post. Ok, so my last post was November 18, three days after Margaret turned two.
I'm not even going to go into all the new things she does because you don't want to read it all; suffice it to say, I think she's wonderful and funny and smart. She started a toddler Montessori program this March and loves it. She is still going to a Children's Day Out program once a week through May. Also loves that. She's a pretty independent sprite. I love that she's interested in what's around her; the picture on the right is of her lying on the driveway (yes, in her dress and tights after Easter brunch) checking out a bug. She was rather upset when said bug decided to fly away. She also loves to wear sunglasses, has three pairs. If it is sunny outside, when she goes out she says, "Oh, is sunny. I need sunglasses." Cracks me up.
Ok, so, this is supposed to be a knitting blog, right? And, the last time I wrote, I was knee deep in my dad's Aran sweater (based on Na Craga) and hoping to finish it by Christmas. Well, shockingly, that didn't happen. It did get done before the end of February, though. And even though I had to knit the sleeves more times than I can count (that's what I get for changing a drop sleeve pattern in one gauge into a set-in sleeve pattern in a different gauge with a different fit), I really enjoyed it. And IT FITS HIM PERFECTLY!!!!! Yes, sorry for the yelling, but when he tried it on and showed me over Skype, well, proud just doesn't quite cut it. I don't yet have pictures of him wearing it, but here are a couple of the sweater before I sent it off:
After finishing this sweater, I immediately made two hats for myself; a response to the self-imposed 4 month project monogamy of the sweater.

After that, I fell into a bit of a knitting slump. Didn't know what to work on next... should I cast on something new, work on something old? Blah. However, what has mostly worked (the blahs aren't all gone, but I'm working through them) was following the path of Stephanie. I have a rather large stash of yarn, and in recent years have change my purchase habits. When I started, I would buy one or two skeins of a yarn instead of enough for a sweater because I didn't like making big projects. Now, I'm more likely to make fewer purchases, but containing a sweater quantity of a particular yarn. Some of these yarns had a sweater already designated, some didn't. Jen came over a couple Mondays ago and helped me kit up my sweaters-to-be. We made copies of patterns from books and magazines I own and put them with the required yarn into bags. We picked patterns for yarns that had no sweaters and did the same. She organized my Ravelry queue and made a designation for the Sweater Club of Awesomeness (I didn't even know you could organize your queue like that). So, anyway, I'm actually working on a couple of the smaller sweaters (a vest and a tank). I'm mixing the process and project goals for myself.

And, in November, and again this spring I took jewelry classes at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center. I'm taking the class again starting Thursday. LOVE IT. I did some goldsmithing back in NJ, but hadn't really gotten a chance to do much out here, what with Homeowner's Insurance not looking fondly upon tanks of acetylene gas in the house. The classes are great because the instructor is great and helpful, but I can do what I want. Like make a star for the top of our Christmas tree, or a ring for a friend. Or earrings for my mom and friends. The only thing I've photographed so far is the ring. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cool.

And now, I've run out of stuff to say. I know, it's a lot, but here's a deal, I'll try to write less next time, but make it sooner than 4.5 months, if you still are actually reading this post, let alone the blog. Danke.


sue said...

How nice to see you back blogging again. Your little cutie is certainly growing up isnt she. Your dad's aran sweater looks fantastic. The sweater projects sound like a good idea too, perhaps I should do that after I finish all my UFO's. Hopefully by the end of 2010 I will have them finished off!

Sharon said...

Yay - I've been waiting for you to post a photo of your jewellery! Your ring looks great. My class starts again on the 22nd. I have to think about what to make this term.

YogaNan knits, too... said...

Yay, you are blogging again! I've missed you and tales of Ms M. Your Dad's sweater is TRULY AWESOME, and I love that you are making jewelry, expanding your creative horizons. And I LOVE that Jen is such a source of knit-sib loving help. I need to book her soon to help organize my out-of-control stash and UFO piles.

Miss you, dear friend--let's get together next month???

Anonymous said...

I'm here! (Waves and jumps up and down)

I love your dad's sweater. Well worth the wait!

I also love that M is a budding entomologist! Good for her.