Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing to do with knitting

As I have mentioned on Facebook, Margaret and I are both sick, she with a minor sinus infection, me with bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Needless to say, we aren't doing much this week (don't worry, we're both on antibiotics), although I am actually working on a pair of socks. A note: if you don't want to read about potty training, stop now.

Anyway, she wanted to go outside today, so we walked around a bit (slowly) then, I had to run an errand, so we took off. At one point during the ride I got a whiff of something and asked her if she had pooed and she just laughed. So, when we got home, I changed her diaper... just pee. Anyway, after I changed it, she started saying, "Pobby, pobby, I wan' pobby." Took me a second to realize what she was asking for, but when she went to the bathroom door and said it again, I realized she wanted to go potty. I said no, I had just changed her diaper, and she flipped out. Then, I thought, "Well, that's silly, if she wants to go, why am I stopping her, it's not like we're busy," so, we went into the bathroom, took off her diaper and pants and she sat down on her potty. SHE PEED!!!!!

Ok, so that's really all, I was just really impressed that she new she needed to go, asked, and then, even held it when I stupidly said no. I guess I need to maybe try that whole potty training thing again. Did I mention I was proud? :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Margaret tells me a joke

This story requires a little set up. First, and most important, Margaret knows where hair grows and if you ask her will point to her head (or even lift up some hair) and say, "Hair," or her approximation of the word. Second:

So, the other day, Margaret and I were sitting on the couch in the evening (rather, I was sitting, she was running, jumping and climbing on it) and she came over to me, pulled up a few pieces of my hair on each side of my head and said (rather clearly), "Paghetti." I about had a coronary laughing.

On Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo. We got there for opening, but only stayed a couple hours. It was warm, Margaret started getting tired, and the stroller was a pain (can't take it into lots of the buildings and it's too low for her to see a bunch). But, I saw a couple there who had the hiking type child carriers with built in frames that looked like a much better option. So, I found a great one on Craigslist and am ready the next time we head to the zoo. The best part of picking up the carrier was that it was on the way to Nan's! So we got to hang out with the lovely Nan and head to The Fold! Tuesday was good.

Wednesday we got to hang out with the wonderful Jen and family!

In knitting news, I left my qiviut smoke ring outside in a camp chair while Margaret and I went on a walk with our neighbors. Later that day we had a torrential downpour, during which my knitting not only was soaked, but submerged. Luckily, Dave saved it (and squeezed, but did not wring the knitting -- good man) and I've been able to make progress since then.

The good part about the rain is the puddles:

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Owl That Ate Chicago!


I finally finished it yesterday morning. Love it, it's so cute! And here are a couple pictures of the Hyrna Herborgar shawl I finished back at the beginning of June.

The one on the left is out of focus, but shows the color much better. I actually wore it out last night for a Stroller Fitness party, during which I stayed out too late, forgot I put my keys in the back pocket of my purse, talked too much and had a good time. The party was the end-of-the-contest party. The contest ran most of the summer; participants got points for classes attended, healthy recipes posts on the blog, trivia in class, weight and inches lost, etc. Even without taking a month and a half off due to foot surgery, I wouldn't have won, but I am proud to say I lost weight and 3 inches from my waist! Not that I'm done with any of it - as a matter of fact, even though I'd rather sleep (if Margaret would let me), I'm off to Stroller Fitness now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is not a post about Twittering

I was going to write about how I don't Twitter, but it was stupid, so, I'll just say I don't. Except, that I read some, like Nathan Fillion's and Felicia Day's, for example, because they are good.

Anyway... as this is a knitting blog, I will make some knitting updates, because, yes, there have been some FOs recently! I know, try not to faint or anything. Thanks to Amy I had to make the Aestlight Shawl, especially when there are two sizes, one designed specifically with the yardage of Malabrigo Sock in mind. Did I write last summer about the free "sample" skein I got at Stitches Midwest (I put sample in quotes because while it wasn't in stores yet, and therefore was a sample, it was also the full 440 yards!)? Well, if I didn't, I got one just for the asking and the colorway was Solis and it is beautiful and had been waiting around for the perfect project and then that just hopped right onto my screen and bam. It is actually done. Oh, and my best friend growing up just had a baby girl (so cute!) and I made a hat for her, too. Two finished projects in a one month span! I might have my membership to the ADD club of America revoked. Except, probably not, because instead of working on some of the other projects I have started, I started a baby hat for a yet to be named recipient and a Flared Lace Smoke Ring in Royal Blue qiviut (so so yummy).

Today, we went to JoAnn's to pick up some safety eyes for the owl for Margaret and to take a bike ride to the Post Office to mail some stuff. My lovely neighbor sold us her bikes for very little, and I got an iBert seat for Margaret and now we can go riding. I had never seen a front mount seat before looking at options for child bike seats on Consumer Reports, but I love it. The balance is great and she can see what's going on and I can talk to her and hear her without turning around and crashing us both into a tree. In fact, on the ride home, she actually fell asleep.

When putting sunblock on Margaret today I accidentally sprayed some in her hair; that stuff is worse than hairspray. So, it's off to a bath. With foam letters and numbers, bath crayons, bubbles to blow, ducks, a book, and fill and spill cups she's loving her baths now!